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Welcome to IGERSLIKESocial Media Marketing,Social Media Campaigns to raise your fans , Growing online ,Automation,All of this ...., made by users like you , for you, all in one place!

Social Media Management

We are experts in Social Media Management solutions for the most popular social media networks, you can focus your efforts when managing a project, working with clients, or scaling your company while we do all the hard work. Time is money so why bother wasting the whole day to schedule and setup your campaign's when we can do it for you?

Easy & Effective

Track how well your campaigns are being delivered and how effective they are, so you can run with what's working or change directions anytime easy and quick! Tracking your tasks and campaigns never been so fun and easy, check our powerful dashboard with advanced tracking and real-time reports, be in the field with just few clicks

Software as Service

Work and track from anywhere, anytime! We offer software as a service system so you can manage your account on Windows, Mac or even from your smart device anytime you want! Looking for your own sales or marketing strategy's and our interface doesn't fit your needs? No worries, igerslike have a fully documented REST API so you can scale and automate all the stuff yourself and your way.

#1 Promotion DashboardManage your accounts, boost your presence and many more!


Manage your Instagram Accounts easy, schedule posts, engage with new costumers, target your niches or quickly boost your presence

Automate Tasks

Multi-Account and Multi-Task, what else? More then 15 different types of tasks to run across your audience

Safe & Secure

Our automatic scripts will pause your task to make sure your account is safe and stay off the radar

Get the right Audience

Get the audience that you need! Hashtags, Users, Locations, Timeline, Blacklists, Whitelists...


Track how well your tasks are running or even check your weekly progress? Fully track whats happening all the time!

No Downloads

No Downloads are required, use in any browser, any computer ,any smart-phone or tablet! Right in your hand everywhere


Quickly configure your campaign and enjoy the rest of your day! Dont leave your computer running old traditional software anymore!


Boost in a distance of a click! Have access to multiple private market tools for all kind of social networks! This is the elixir that you have been missing!

Increase Fans & Likes

Quickly boost your social media presence with 3 clicks! Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest fans,followers and many more

Automated Campaigns

Schedule to delivery your campaigns daily? or maybe evey hour? or every time you post? Customize and Schedule campaigns quickly


Track your Campaigns in real time , check their progress, cancel or even export! Quickly and easy understand how good you doing


Quickly offer our services to your costumers with our API , fully documented and easy to integrate

Premium Services

Working for more then 4 years, we provide ONLY quality services, with 98% success rate in our campaigns


Track your campaign anytime or get help with our live agent that will assist you in everything you need!

Our Tools and Services

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High Performance Backup

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Data Retention Policy

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Central Backup Repository

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Simultaneous Restores

Crowdsourcing raise awareness public sector safety, breakthrough insights harness expanding community ownership. Medecins du Monde


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Enjoy & Relax

Your done! Get all of your social media tasks done automatically, everyday. Free from the worry of performing these repetitive, low-skill tasks, you can now focus wholly on managing projects, employees and other mission-critical aspects of business.

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